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catching up

we weren't able to meet the friday deadline. i guess monday won't be realistic as well. so i'm hoping everything will be ok by tuesday of this week. :)
i hope there's no surprise tasks this week, which i doubt. but i do hope there's none so i can catch up on my monitoring load.

five ain't enough

monday's a busy day but we still managed to pull off a team meeting.:)
it's one thing that we haven't done for so long. yes, we attend our department's team meeting. but this one is different. this time, it's all about us. we want to rank first this month so we have to sort things out. we discussed a lot of things. what went well, what went wrong.
when you badly want one thing, you become desperate. you would like to do everything you possibly can to make it happen. but you have to be very careful. set your priorities. don't bite what you can't chew. unless you want mediocre results. we're able to come up with a lot of promising action plans and my to-do list keeps on adding up. we want to have everything settled first week of the month, and have everything smooth following the weeks to come. in a few hours, my thursday shift will start. then it hit me, five days ain't enough to have everything settled. need to double up our efforts. be productive, effective, efficient, whatever there is that would help us do everything in our action plan. if there's one thing i hate, it's imaginary action plans. kinda tell you what kind of leader you are. five day MIGHT not be enough. but it's no excuse for our proposed action plans to disappear in thin air. no excuse for mediocre results. to be number one, you gotta be the best. and you gotta love what you do.
*breathe in*
i believe.
*breathe out*
i believe. :)

i declare war

the site ranked first for cqa december 2010 and january 2011.
we ranked third for february, which made me wanna kill myself.
we ranked second for march, which made me wanna kill pbs with critical errors and low qa scores.
we've done everything to bring our scores up for march. to regain the top spot.
we're so close to it. march 31st we're number one. a few more evaluations came in. the next day, we just ranked second.
as mentioned, we've done everything. i guess it's time to ask, what are the things we haven't done.
april marks the start for q2 2011.
and i declare war.


Papa God,

You have a lot of explaining to do. Please make me understand.

Lots of love,


sino'ng hinihingal?!?!

tatakbo aq sa milo marathon sa sunday. so in preparation, i went jogging yesterday. it was a cold monday morning. fingers crossed that it won't rain, i went outside for a run. and crap! i'm in big trouble! wala pang 10 minutes para na qng hihimatayin sa hingal. malala! i'm panting like crazeh! so naglakad muna aq. tas saka tumakbo. tas naglakad ulet. wahaha!! qng susumahin, mas matagal pa un nilakad q kesa sa tinakbo q. oh well.. wish me luck on sunday. it's for a good cause anyway. so every panting is so worth it. :)

ps: lala, kaya naten toh! ^_^

happy birthday, drama queen!!!

para sa nag-iisa at natatanging drama queen, MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN!!!
sa lahat ng mga pinagsaluhan nating mga gala/lakad, salamat.
sa lahat ng mga PLANO na sa magpahanggang ngaun ay plano pa din, salamat (matuloy man o hindi).
at sa lahat ng mga lakad/gala/plano na hindi natuloy dahila pabagu-bago ka ng isip, salamat ulet. ung iba dun biglaan aqng hindi pd pro hinihintay lang kita magbago ng isip para asayo lagi ang sisi. nyahaha!! char lang!!
sa mga pagsampal/pagbatol saken, figuratively and literally (as in pisikalan na toh)... tenchu much! :)
happy birthday ulet, joanN!!! wahlabshuness!! ^_^

i hate myself.. and i love it!!

i've gotten over the stalking phase for quite some time now. or so i think... i used to do it on friendster but he changed his profile setting to private. he even put "bagong buhay" as his shout-out. too bad i'm not part of that "new life." well, you gotta find good things in ugly mishaps. so i figured this is a good start to end my crazy stalking mode. well, i was wrong, as always. there's facebook... i so hate myself every time i key in HIS name on the Search field. but i have gotten past that. i can't get much from his facebook profile either. so i figured facebook, too, is in favor of working against me. it's been forever since the last time i typed his name on the Search field. not until today.. oh well, just a few minutes back. grr!! i so hate myself!! but i sorta feel kinda happy too. it's some kinda like pouring alcohol to an open wound. ouchee, but cool!! :)

point of the matter is. i'm pathetic!! pa-english-english pa q eh pinagkakaxa q lang naman ang sarili q sa profile pic nya!!! eewness!

shoes? check!

sa wakas! makakatakbo na q!! :)

Remove ***beep*** as a friend?

kelangan q na ata mag-update ng list of friends... someone said.

being a friend is a difficult role. it demands a whole lot of respect and understanding.

a friend might disappoint you at some point in your life. or in your friendship's lifespan. but it's what you do to keep the friendship strong that matters the most.

patience is a virtue, they say. and i say so too. but i think it's more of a gift we all have, hoping we never get tired of having.

i've been a bitch to my friends, my real friends tolerates me and wins me back. others, they move on saying, "next friend please." so to my friends whom i've been bitching at my whole life... i say bring it on! throw your crap at me! i'll stay and wait 'til you get a hold of yourself. it'd better be soon though, or you're dead meat. :)

oh well.. this is a day late for my birthday. na-inggit lang aq kay joanN so i'll make one for myself.

note: this is a wish list, not a birthday wish list. so feel free to check it out. ^^,

1. perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky

new or old, it would be very much appreciated. basta aken na ah. :)

2. external hard drive

mejo puno na kc laptop q. the bigger the memory, the better. hihi,,

3. wireless internet router

para pd aqng mag-net kahit saan mang sulok ng bahay namin.

4. usb speaker

i want cute-looking ones. not too big, ok?

5. vcd/dvd copy ng kahit anong indie film ni ping medina and/or arnold reyes. :)

ps: original. and mas maganda qng may autograph nila. :)
pss: wag lang pala maxi and imahenasyon. meron na q nun eh,,,


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